Seminar on “Introduction of Industry 4.0, Smart City Lahore, Pakistan

Seminar on “Introduction of Industry 4.0, Smart City Lahore, Pakistan

Institute of Planners Pakistan (IPP) in Collaboration with M/s Sheher Saaz (Pvt) Ltd., hosted a seminar on the topic “INTRODUCTION OF INDUSTRY 4.0, SMART CITY LAHORE, PAKISTAN” by Professor Byung Wan Jo. (PhD) from Industry 4.0 Consulting Lab, Hanyang University, South Korea.

Dr. Byung is a world-renowned professor of Civil Engineering who holds key advisory and research positions in South Korea including:

 Director of Disaster-Prevention Research Center in South Korean Government
 Director, Creative Research Lab of Seoul Metropolitan City
 Chair, Korea Creative Business & Economy Forum
 Supervisor, National Convergence Committee in the Government
 Co-Chair, Industry 4.0 Committee of Democratic Party for 19 th Presidential Election
 President, Industry 4.0 Smart City
 Director, Industry 4.0 Center of Excellence

Besides, numerous other key positions in industrial research and emerging technologies, Dr. Byung has more than 50 patents on Industry 4.0 Technologies to his credit.

The seminar was held on Friday, 9th of February at Conference Room of Sheher Saaz (Pvt) Ltd, 21 Dyal Singh Mansion 57 The Mall, Lahore. Professional planners working in public and private sector, IT experts, public officials and other professionals attended the seminar. Key participants are

Dr. M. Ali Sikandar Associate Professor CECOS University Peshawar
Dr. Zafar Baloch Associate Professor BUITEMS Quetta
Mr. M Shoaib Head Urban Planning Surbana Jurong
Mr M Talha Architect Design Solutions
Mr. Rizwan Ur Rehman Urban Planning Expert HUD & PHED
Mr. Wamiq Anwar CEO Dimen Associates
Mr. Ahmed Masood Principal Planner NESPAK
Mr. Tahir Mahmood Senior Town Planner Sheher Saaz (Pvt) Ltd,
Mr. Imtiaz Hussain Town Planner Dimen Associates
Mr. Mehtab Qasim Town Planner Sheher Saaz(Pvt) Ltd,
Ms. Aniqa Ali Town Planner Sheher Saaz (Pvt) Ltd,
Ms. Ayesha Butt Town Planner Sheher Saaz (Pvt) Ltd,
Ms. Seerat Fatima Town Planner Sheher Saaz (Pvt) Ltd,
Ms. Sahar Mukhtar Architect Sheher Saaz (Pvt) Ltd.
Mr. Zubair Town Planner Sheher Saaz (Pvt) Ltd.

Professor Byung Wan Jo explained the whole concept of Industry 4.0 including IOT (Internet of Things), Smart Factory and discussed the core technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Beacon, and Voice-Recognition AI Assistant.
Professor related the concept of smart factory layout with the smart city layout with the use of technology. He gave the different examples of use of internet in daily life, how people are socializing and marketing through use of modern technology. In this reference he coded the examples of Alibaba, Microsoft, Facebook, google and X-bat. He explained how Industry 4.0 is a term applied to a group of rapid transformations in the design, manufacture, operation and service of manufacturing systems and products.

Professor discussed the Punjab Vision 2020, the concept of Smart City, provide a view of Industry 4.0 Smart City, Lahore and gave examples that how can we make Lahore a Smart City. He integrates basic components of a smart city i.e. transportation, buildings, safety & security, infrastructure, resources, economy, happiness. He said Smart City is a town where Space, Things, and People are able to communicate intelligently with each other at anywhere, in anytime, by any device through the technology of Organic Things Embedded System (IIoT) developed in cities. Moreover, it is an ICBM based intelligent eco-friendly waterfront green economic city for 21st century that spends less energy and resources, revitalizes sustainable energy, and activates the economy, happiness quality of life with SOC Infra for the goods in the harmony of human and nature

He explained the 9 Basic Infra of Industry 4.0 Smart City Networks i.e. Industry 4.0 CPS
Economic Development, Industry 4.0 Smart Grid (Energy & Resources), Industry
4.0 Transportation Systems, Industry 4.0 CPS Security & Safety, Industry 4.0 Clean
Environment, Industry 4.0 Green Mechanism, Industry 4.0 CPS Healing & Healthcare, Industry 4.0 Welfare & Happiness, and Industry 4.0 Physical Infra Arrangement & Design.
He discussed the Major Function of Industry 4.0 Security Platform which are Intelligent Visual Monitoring like face recognition and identification, psycho-physiological measurement, Automatic tracking, managing visual recording schedule etc.
 Data management: Staffs (WL)/ monitoring objects (BL) data management, noticing
incident situation (alarm/ SMS), registration of entering vehicles, setting basic management sectors.
 Checks: face record information check, entering vehicles record information check, fire
sensing record information check, SMS sending record information checks, entrances
statistics information checks.
 Optional Function: vehicle plate recognition, sensing fire and smoke, sensing trespass of certain area, analysis on entering people and their sex and age.

He also discussed the concepts of 3D Printing Building, Smart Hyperway, Smart Bridge.

By Ayesha Butt
Town Planner at Sheher Saaz Pvt Ltd

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