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waltamstow town centre regeneration1Walthamstow Town Centre is a vibrant urban centre that boasts a diverse community and historic buildings which is proving increasingly popular with commuters wishing to take advantage of the
centre’s excellent public transport links. Walthamstow is at the heart of the borough, both geographically and economically. It is the borough’s main commercial centre, driving the economy and attracting visitors. Walthamstow provides homes, employment, retail, services and leisure opportunities for a large number of people and will play an important role in accommodating future growth in the borough.

However, while Walthamstow has a number of strengths it also faces a number of challenges. The centre is under performing and has been in long – term commercial decline due to departing
investment, population churn, a poor shopping offer and lack of competitiveness with neighbouring town centres. We aim to reverse this decline and bring about the centres regeneration. The Walthamstow Town Centre Area Action Plan (AAP) will be an essential part in this process.

The AAP will put in place a long term strategy which will aim to deliver a high quality shopping and visitor destination and a sustainable neighbourhood which celebrates its past and moves forward making the most of the unique development opportunities.

The AAP sets out our vision for the centre together with objectives, policies and site proposals to guide its future regeneration and growth. The AAP aims to enhance Walthamstow’s character and
environment, provide new homes, promote sustainable development and improve the quality and range of facilities and services available to residents, businesses and visitors. The AAP aims to revitalise deteriorating areas of the centre and identify the significant development sites and investment opportunities. The AAP will provide a coordinated approach and set out a planning framework in order to manage the town centre’s regeneration, growth and development over the next 15 years.

Sheher Saaz worked alongside award-winning master planners, Maccreanor Lavington, to make a proposal that included eight key objectives to underpin future development in the town centre.  The masterplan also proposes a series of incremental changes for five interconnected spaces that together make up the town centre.  Critically, these changes can occur independently each other as funding and development opportunities arise, creating a masterplan that is a flexible framework, rather than an holistic vision.

Sheher Saaz was heavily involved in public and stakeholder engagement, which included a blog site to disperse information, public consultation in the Town Square, and a final event in the Library.

This commission provided the evidence base for an updated Area Action Plan (AAP) and a formal Development Plan Document which will provide the statutory basis for Council action to achieve regeneration, and not just redevelopment, of this important town centre area.

waltamstow town centre regeneration