Architecture & Design

Our Architecture & Design team Combine innovative design with practical solutions to solve people and space problems.

We start with our client’s vision – whether that vision is about a new build, extending a property, or restoring a listed building – and we then focus on understanding their aspirations and requirements for the space. From that interrogation of the brief, we create a practical, affordable and beautiful solution which allows the people who use it to work, live and enjoy the space we have created.

However, because the designer within us lives so comfortably with our pragmatic, commercially-sensitive professional persona, we are able to work very successfully with clients to help them assess the potential options available to them, appraise the merits of each idea and finally, create a sustainable building design which fulfils their vision, within agreed time and budget parameters.

Our specialist Architecture and Design Consultancy services include:

  • Architectural design
  • Interior design
  • Landscape design
  • Turnkey projects
  • Conservation of heritage sites

Planning Services

Our Planning Team has a proven track record of providing problem solving advice to a wide range of clients – from private landowners, to national private and public institutions.

The advice of our highly experienced team, which has worked on a broad spectrum of developments across the Commercial, Residential and Rural sectors, is based on:

  • A deep understanding of clients’ strategic objectives
  • Detailed knowledge of local agendas, issues and politics in every local area we work in
  • A profound awareness of the national context within which planning exists.

The Team, which comprises Planning Consultants, Landscape Architects, Urban Designers and Environmental specialists, provide a service which is focused on delivering the most cost-effective, viable and profitable planning solution to clients’ problems. Every Planning Consultant is a member of the Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners PCATP and Institute of Planners Pakistan IPP.

What we do best is identify opportunities for clients and ensure that we adopt a fully integrated approach to ensure cost-effective, deliverable and sustainable results.

Our specialist Planning Consultancy services include:

  • Design and access statements
  • Consultation/community involvement
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Health impact assessment
  • Expert witness
  • Legal agreements and CIL
  • Planning applications & appeals
  • Local planning promotion
  • Planning statements
  • Retail impact assessment
  • Portfolio reviews
  • Sequential testing
  • Socio-economic statements
  • Site appraisals
  • Sustainability appraisal
  • Strategic environmental assessment

Urban Design

Our Urban Design Team has considerable experience of landscape architecture consultancy including urban design and landscape planning.

We provide our clients with comprehensive, imaginative and exciting design solutions which are only developed after a thorough understanding of our client’s needs, as well as those of the local community and end users. Our objective is simple: ensure our clients’ business objectives are met and all stakeholder aspirations are fully realised.

Whether it is a major project or a smaller scheme, our landscape architects have a proven track record in promoting sites in Local Development Frameworks, as well as securing planning permission for a wide range and diversity of projects.

Our specialist Urban Design services include:

  • Detailed hard and soft landscape design
  • Landscape capacity assessment
  • Landscape and visual impact assessment
  • Landscape character assessment
  • Townscape assessment
  • Landscape management
  • Urban studies
  • Urban design and master planning
  • Graphic Analysis

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is now a critical aspect of most large scale planning applications and an integral part of the modern planning process. That is why our EIA Team is led by Planning professionals and supported by technical specialists who have proven and relevant expertise.

Our integrated team of environmental planners and technical specialists help clients avoid potential pitfalls and minimise the risks of legal challenge to their development projects. By identifying, assessing, evaluating the environmental impacts (both positive and negative) of a project and developing specific mitigation strategies, our clients are able to prevent, reduce and/or offset the adverse impacts of their proposed development.

Our EIA service integrates the planning and design process, by drawing on the expertise of our multi-disciplined technical specialists – a team with a proven national track record. Our proprietary EIA process comprises:

Project Management

Our Project Management Team provides construction consultancy services from the inception of a project, through feasibility stages and funding advice, to the procurement, delivery and handover of any construction scheme.

Whether it’s working on listed buildings or managing the construction of a new build, our Project Managers have a proven expertise and track record of delivering development and construction projects on time and on budget.

The team’s deep knowledge of design and construction, gained from working with clients, funders, developers, tenants, architects and other consultants gives us an unparalleled knowledge of all the composite parts of any development and construction project, as well as an inherent understanding of the impact of any scenario.

If we have one guarantee, it is that we give our clients unqualified ‘peace of mind’: they have the confidence of knowing that their vision will be translated into reality, without any fear of expensive budget or time overruns.

Our specialist Project Management services include:

  • Budget and cost management
  • Managing the quality of project delivery
  • Managing the planning, coordination and delivery of a project
  • Procurement strategy and value management
  • Risk analysis and risk control
  • Programme and time management
  • Strategic advice at every stage of the development cycle

Construction Supervision

Construction supervision from Sheher Saaz – helping you to complete your project on time and on budget,while meeting all relevant regulations and quality standards.

Whether you are involved in the construction of buildings, infrastructure, industrial plants, wind farms or power facilities, your projects involve the complex coordination of different contractors. Our independent construction supervision can help guide your project to completion on time, on budget and in compliance with the relevant quality standards.

We provide you with professional construction supervision, specifically tailored to safeguard the successful completion of your project. Our highly experienced personnel can effectively control and supervise every aspect of your construction work.

Our construction supervision services include:

  • Design supervision
  • As-built documentation
  • Testing materials, systems and installations
  • Independent third-party verification and certification
  • Project management consultant for building, industrial and infrastructure facilities
  • Program management consultant for infrastructure development plans
  • Continuous supervision of construction works (quality, schedule and budget)
  • Commissioning supervision on quality and schedule
  • Facility management and maintenance supervision of infrastructure and building
  • Permanent supervision by experienced professionals


BIM Consultancy Services


Building information modeling is a revolutionary digital platform that can deliver a wide range of project solutions throughout the construction life-cycle. It is a digital 3D representation of physical and functional characteristics of building or structures. Compared to traditional 2D Computer Aided Design (CAD), information conveyed through a BIM model is consistent, visually demonstrative and delivers a wide range of solutions throughout the construction project life-cycle.

It is a revolutionary platform that has emerged with the growth of digital computing and is being rapidly adopted by industry professionals to aid tasks such as building design and construction, project management, and operations and maintenance. BIM application has helped projects increase efficiency, mitigate risks, optimize performance and decrease costs.

Sheher Saaz Building Information Modeling

  • BIM Project Management Consulting
  • BIM Service Contract Review and Verification
  • BIM Architectural, Structural and MEP Modeling
  • Construction Drawing Export and Creation
  • Building Systems Clash Detection
  • 4D Project Schedule Simulation
  • BIM Project Delivery and Verification
  • Energy Modeling for Green Building Certification
  • Design Stage Environmental Modeling
  • Project Materials Quantity and Cost Estimation
  • BIM Project Training and Education
  • Existing Building Scan and BIM Model Integration

Quantity Surveying Services

Sheher Saaz provides cost management and quantity surveying (QS) services on a vast range of construction projects, including buildings, civil engineering, industrial, infrastructure and major highways projects.

The firm’s QS specialists are an integral part of the design and project management team on projects of all sizes and levels of complexity.

What sets Sheher Saaz apart is that its cost managers and quantity surveyors are fully integrated into the engineering environment to provide an effective means of achieving the client’s objectives. They contribute to projects with in-depth knowledge of built environment design and the concerns of designers and clients. They share the firm’s commitment to sustainable development, project performance and life-cycle analysis.

  • Initial financial appraisal & Feasibility Studies
  • Project initial estimation
  • Client Objectives Identification
  • Procurement Strategy Analysis
  • Design coordination and Change Management
  • Cost plans & Pre-Tender estimate
  • Tender process management
  • Value Engineering
  • Cost Management & Change Control
  • Contract Administration
  • Process Monitoring in Time, Cost & Quality
  • Claims & Dispute Management
  • Accurate Reporting at Requisite Intervals
  • Determine Final Account
  • Final Contract Administration Activities

GIS Services

Sheher Saaz  is a service-oriented company concentrating on providing an affordable GIS solution to city, county and state government agencies as well as to small businesses that need GIS services for an entire project or on a part-time basis. In a time when organizations need to minimize their costs, the requirements of smaller agencies and companies go unanswered because there is not enough funding to hire a GIS specialist. Often this skill is needed to geographically organize, analyze, and illustrate data necessary for grant acquisition and impact studies, geo database development, infrastructure and utility planning and management, and reference and thematic map creation. Our goal is to professionally, yet economically, fulfil this need.

Our specialist GIS services include:

  • Business Analysis
  • Cadastral Data Analysis, Creation, Management
  • Environmental Analysis and Mapping
  • Geopolitical and Community Mapping and Analysis
  • Infrastructure Mapping and Analysis
  • 3D Mapping and Modelling
  • LiDAR Mapping and Analysis
  • Transportation Mapping, Modelling, and Analysis
  • Capabilities/Technical Services

Technical Advisory

Our specialist team of Technical Advisors have the skills, expertise and experience to advise on and manage all aspects of lending in PFI/PPP markets.

We act as a catalyst to delivery through our keen understanding of all PPP project stakeholders’ interests – one reason why Sheher Saaz is consistently recognised as the leading technical advisor by the likes of Infrastructure Journal and Partnerships Bulletin.

Lenders can take confidence in our ability to recognise both technical and commercial risks from the outset of our commission. We adopt a unique risk-based methodology which supports project bankability and facilitates deal progression.

Our PPP teams are selected for both their breadth of skill and depth of sector knowledge. This enables us to offer clients a wide skill base in PPP/PFI technical advisory matters including procurement expertise, public sector capacity building, sector-specific knowledge and facilities management.

This breadth and depth of international experience empowers Sheher Saaz to understand the risks from all perspectives and help lenders to reach bankable, successful projects, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Risk-based approach delivers value from the outset

Working with export credit agencies and IFIs

Breadth of team knowledge accelerates deal closure

Topographical Surveying

Our specialist team of Chartered Building Surveyors have the skills, expertise and experience to advise on and manage all aspects of property and construction.

We provide commercial and residenti­­­­al property owners, as well as occupiers, developers and investors with a comprehensive range of services. These range from undertaking initial professional survey works to identify defects or desirable alterations, to implementing a planned maintenance programme, managing conversion and building works and advising on historic building and conservation issues. At the other end of the ownership spectrum, we advise landlords and tenants on dilapidations matters to help protect their positions.

Whether it’s implementing the work ourselves, or managing the contractor tender processes and subsequently supervising the on-site construction works to completion, our team has the proven track record which underpins the fact that clients’ objectives and plans are always realised.

Our specialist Building Surveying services include:

  • Access consultancy
  • Building reinstatement cost assessments
  • CDM coordination
  • Defect analysis
  • Development monitoring
  • Dilapidations
  • EPCs
  • Expert witness
  • Historic building consultancy
  • Measured survey and lease plans
  • Party wall
  • Planned maintenance
  • Pre-acquisition surveys
  • Property insurance valuations
  • Refurbishment and conservation projects
  • Schedules of condition
  • Technical due diligence

Disaster Management

We look at disaster situations from an alternative perspective wherein disasters unlike natural hazards are seen as human-made events. Our approach to disaster management and risk reduction is based on years of experience gained through working with disaster prone communities and government and non government organizations.

We design and implement our programmes within the ‘Disaster Resistant Sustainable Livelihood Framework’ which emphasizes that people’s vulnerability to disasters can be reduced by; creating and strengthening their livelihood assets, making governments and markets responsive to their needs, and making community physical infrastructure resistant to natural and manmade hazards. We highly value communities’ capacities, technologies, strategies and their knowledge for dealing with the disaster situations and strive to capitalize upon these community assets. Our activities in disaster risk reduction include raising awareness, mobilizing and influencing policy decisions, building disaster resistant community physical infrastructure by employing appropriate technologies, organizing training programs, and enhancing poor people’s livelihoods.

Our specialist disaster management services include:

  • Environment
  • Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Appropriate Technologies
  • Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Agriculture & Livestock
  • Primary Education and Health
  • Community Media
  • Crosscutting Themes
  • Governance
  • Gender and Development

Other Services

Planning Applications

Sheher Saaz also provides assistance with all types of planning applications to achieve planning permission. This typically involves the project management of the planning application. This includes sourcing of appropriate and cost efficient drawings, the co-ordination of the project team including liaison with the client, the preparation of all required paperwork, negotiations with planning officials (pre-planning meetings) and the preparation of a planning consultants report (planning appraisal) to support the development proposal. This report serves to demonstrate how the planning application is compliant with legislative and planning policy requirements with a view to securing planning permission. Responses are made to further information requests and clarification requests where required. In addition, the skill set available provides a valuable support service to engineers and architects.

Planning Appeals

Sheher Saaz has extensive experience in dealing with appeals. This has culminated in a proven track record and the achievement of a high success rate on behalf of clients. Each appeal is researched thoroughly and a detailed and compelling case is made to the Board in each instance. A planning appeal can be made against the decision of a Planning Authority by the applicant (First Party) or an objector (Third Party) to a decision by the Planning Authority.

Appeal work can take many forms and can include:

  • A First party appeal against a decision to refuse planning permission by the planning authority,
  • A First party appeal against conditions imposed on a planning permission by the planning authority e.g. terms of Development Contributions,
  • A Third party appeal against a decision by the planning authority to grant planning permission,
  • A Third party appeal against conditions imposed by the planning authority.

Other Appeal work can include responses to appeals, an application for Leave to Appeal, Observations, referrals of declarations (exempted development), representation at Oral Hearings and Strategic Infrastructure negotiations with Board officials.

Planning Submissions/ Observations:
Situations can arise where an individual or business runs the risk of being adversely affected by a proposed development. Sheher Saaz can assist clients where there are substantive grounds to object, e.g. potential traffic hazard, adverse impact on residential amenity, non-compliance with planning standards or loss of light. In these circumstances, we are available to prepare comprehensive submissions so that the valid concerns of the client can be clearly assessed by the planning authority.

Retail Impact Assessments:

In accordance with the provisions of the Retail Planning Guidelines a Retail Impact Assessment (RIA) is often required to accompany a planning application for retail developments e.g. a supermarket, department store, retail warehouse or discount food store. The document from this process is called a Retail Impact Statement (RIS). This assessment sets out to examine the impact of the proposed retail development on the vitality and viability of the town centre as well as the impact upon existing retail facilities within the catchment. It involves a detailed planning policy context, statistical analysis / projections as well as the preparation of a sequential test where appropriate. A Retail Impact Statement can also form part of an Environmental Impact Statement. Sheher Saaz has extensive experience in the preparation and evaluation of Retail Impact Assessments for developments.

Visual Impact Assessments:

Visual Impact Assessment or VIA is an important design tool which demonstrates the likely visual impact of a development proposal. It involves the preparation of detailed photomontage(s) together with a professional assessment of the visual impact. VIA has the potential to reduce, avoid or remedy any likely significant impacts and is becoming an integral part of planning and decision making process. VIA can form a subset of an Environmental Impact Assessment. VIA often includes recommendations for suitable mitigation measures, where appropriate, to assimilate the development proposal into its environment. Sheher Saaz has prepared a number of successful VIA’s in partnership with Visual Lab Ltd. for a range of development proposals from one off houses to secondary schools located in sensitive landscapes. All photomontages are highly accurate and photo-realistic and more than satisfy the requirements of the planning authority.

Training and Advocacy:

Whether you need train-the-trainer training, a multi-session program for emerging leaders, or something else related to soft skills, we can help.

For more than a decade we’ve worked government, education, religious, and medium and small business clients to achieve their employee development goals.

The core of our work is instructor-led training delivered at our clients locations. For many topics, we also offer interactive webinar training available anywhere with a high-speed internet connection.

Sheher Saaz provides comprehensive training for customers worldwide. Our trainers reflect the experience and knowledge gained while working worldwide. The classes are taught by the specialists that design, test and implement our services. Sheher Saaz services are renowned for their high level of quality, and our customers have come to know that Sheher Saaz’ trainers meet the quality standard set by our Services.

We offer classes either at the customer’s location using the customer’s own system or at our facilities in the Lahore Islamabad Dubai and London. The training workshops utilize our interactive session, demonstration of equipment and simulators to provide an in-depth, hands-on experience.

Onsite Training

Our tailored workshops cover specific topics; such as net zero energy buildings, smart solution for homes, Energy simulations, Building Information Modeling and solar module installation and testing.

The workshop overviews found on the site suggest course length, learning objectives, and program flow. For most of our clients, these descriptions are a starting point. However, upon request we can teach the programs exactly as described.

Interactive Webinars

Some webinars are good, and some are not. If the idea of distance learning causes you to yawn, it’s unlikely you have participated in one of our webinar programs. Our distance-learning instructors know how to maximize their allotted time, engage participants, and meet training objectives.

Online Training

If you require training for an individual or need to train people working in different locations, our online training programs could be the answer. Some of these programs are proprietary classes, while others are available through our corporate training partners. The course overviews for these online programs are listed alongside our onsite training descriptions and labeled as online offerings.